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A Shout Out for Denver ARMA's Upcoming Talk - How to Position Your IM Program for Strategic Success

Are you effectively communicating with stakeholders to maintain support for your Information governance program?

Are you getting a complete picture to manage program risks effectively?

Do you have enterprise visibility into your content in order to establish effective controls?

Do you struggle with creating a compelling story for remediating gaps in your program?

At any point in time, information management (IM) practitioners may be developing a new program or assessing an existing program for continuous improvement. In this workshop, they will present a framework for success that ensures your IM Program is sustainable and aligned to business goals.

It includes an exercise in data mapping, which is an important foundation for sustainability. Attendees will learn techniques that they can use to develop or adjust their program to ensure it meets the needs of their organization, and as Goldilocks would say, “it’s just-right.”

Lisa Cromwell and Amelia Johnson are presenting this half day seminar at Mile High Denver ARMA

Tuesday, January 15th from 8 - noon

PPA Event Center 2105 Decatur St, Denver Colorado

Lisa Cromwell, Principal Consultant, Information and Data Governance, Access Sciences speaking at Denver ARMA

Lisa Cromwell is a Principal Consultant in the Information and Data Governance practice with Access Sciences Corporation. Since 2006, she has worked with clients to deliver program assessments, strategic plans and roadmaps, change management strategies, policies, retention schedules, data map development, and taxonomies. Lisa has over 30 years of business experience, with a career covering lifecycles related to manufacturing, information technology, and information management.

Her strengths include critical thinking and analysis of the people, tools, and processes within organizations. She consistently builds confidence with clients and looks for ways to position them for success. Her experience includes work in the energy industry, finance, media, retail, local and state governments, and non-profits.

Lisa Cromwell, Principal Consultant, Information and Data Governance, Access Sciences Corporation speaking at Denver ARMA

Amelia Johnson is a Consulting Manager with extensive experience in records and information management. Her professional experience has spanned both the consulting services and managed services practices at Access Sciences. She has worked with clients to manage high-volume record relocation projects, information sharing and division during divestitures, retention schedule development, and information governance program development.

Amelia's strengths include designing creative approaches to challenging projects, process analysis, and adaptability. Her experience includes work in the energy industry, insurance, and state government.

For more details or to register, go to

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