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iGMapware Consulting

Consulting for Retention and Information Governance

Consulting Services

Our experts are happy to assist you with any aspect of your information governance, compliance, data mapping and records management initiatives, including:

  • Assessments and audits

  • Program design and development

  • Records retention schedule development

  • Program implementation

  • Records inventory analysis

Our consulting services help you optimize your information governance, records management and compliance programs. Our most popular professional consulting services include:

  • Designing and building a records inventory and data management map of your organization’s information assets

  • Data analysis and metrics of your information assets to inform planning to reduce information risk

  • Records management and information compliance programs​

  • Legal retention and privacy regulatory research

  • iGMapware software implementation consulting, including configuration, training and other support services

Records Retention Rules

iGMapware will assist you in developing legally compliant retention rules specific to your industry and the work you do. We know the records you should be keeping and how long to keep them. We also know the risk that records create if they are not kept for the correct period of time or are not disposed of when they are no longer useful. Our clients are confident about their retention rules after we have reviewed the legal requirements for records retention.


Our consultants evaluate the components and resources of your current records management program. Knowing what it will take to achieve industry best practices and having a roadmap to get there is one of iGMapware's services that our clients value the most. Appropriate resources are often secured based on these assessments.


Request a Quote. If you’d like a quote for iGMapware, our library of baseline records and retention rules, or any of our professional services, contact us today.

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Record retention schedule consulting by iGMapware
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