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Who Is Afraid of the DOJ?

iGMapware is proud to present Who Is Afraid of the DOJ? Why Companies Should Revisit Their Information Governance Program, published by the American Bar Association (ABA) this month, co-authored by our own CEO Jeanne Caldwell, CRM, FAI.

The article provides a roadmap for organizations to ensure that essential compliance components are included in their information governance programs.

Digital media formats create challenges for protecting intellectual property, personal information and other valued information important to daily operations. Information governance programs have become increasingly more important as corporate data and information grow by 23% per year.

The article also outlines the importance of including more complicated aspects of information protection in an organization's procedures and training curriculums such as third party contractor compliance, and during mergers and acquisitions.

Discussion includes building and reinforcing a strong information governance program that provides clear guidance for employees throughout the information lifecycle, such as reporting structures and misconduct investigations. Learn about the thirteen information governance program components that will enable your company's good faith efforts to comply with laws and regulations.

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