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How to Conquer Information Risk

Addressing information risk in the digital age is complex. Records can be kept almost anywhere - employees may be storing important data on flash drives and personal devices, uploading to cloud storage sites or other digital repositories, or emailing it to their personal accounts to work on from home. Your organization most likely stores records in a multitude of formats - maybe older data on microfiche, paper copies in various locations, and electronic data on everything from CDs to digital cloud storage. Your organization may have multiple locations, nationally and internationally, so your records are most likely in numerous locations- and handled by many different users. This often includes third party vendors as well.

Having data and records in various formats and locations poses risks to an organization. Breaches and cyber attacks are just some of the information risks that businesses face every day - but there are other information risks that your company should consider and address that affect overall enterprise risk. These include, among others:

  • The inability to respond to regulatory requirements consistently and completely

  • Unidentified data that may potentially be missed in legal hold execution and delivery

  • No guidance for ownership or protection of corporate information held by third parties

  • Poorly protected sensitive data and records resulting in reputational risk, fines, and other costs

Our most recent paper provides a roadmap for assessing your organization's information risk and developing a plan for targeting and reducing that risk. We outline the 5 critical steps:

  1. How to plan for the project

  2. How to identify your information assets by creating an inventory

  3. Analyzing your inventory and identifying the areas of highest risk

  4. How to start conquering those risks

  5. Completion and follow up

By following this step by step approach, you can assess your organization's current information risks and develop a plan for targeting and reducing those risks in priority areas. Download the paper to see how this roadmap can help provide a common-sense approach for getting started and empowering you to conquer information risk.

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