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Chart Your Course with a Proven Roadmap

Join us to find out how organizations use the iGMapware solution to create a proven roadmap for RIM and IG. The journey starts with the identification of your organization’s information assets. To avoid detours, the collection of targeted metadata is critical to meet stakeholder needs.


This session will use real-life examples to demonstrate how to build a solid foundation to inform your RIM and IG initiatives.

Jeanne Caldwell, FAI, CRM of iGMapware will be presenting this Business Partner workshop at the Mile High Denver ARMA educational meeting this Tuesday, September 17.

The workshop will be followed by Managing Big Data - Information Governance in the Big Data Era by John Montana.


Business Partner Workshop: 11:00 AM Tuesday, September 17

PPA Event Center, 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, CO 80211

More information about this event can be found here.

iGMapware allows for record management and records retention
Chart Your Course with a Proven Roadmap


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