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Proud Sponsor of the Madison ARMA Full Day Workshop on May 9, 2019

Jeanne and Jessica from our iGMapware team are excited to present at Madison ARMA's full day workshop Digital Lifecycle Management - Practical Tools and Rules on Thursday, May 9 at the Fluno Center on the UW-Madison Campus. We'll be discussing proven methodologies for mapping data and records to business processes / operations.

Come check out our workshop - we'd love to see you there!

iGMapware supports Madison ARMA workshop on record retention, privacy data, digital lifecycle, defensible disposition and records management

Our iGMapware software solution is designed to help organizations create an inventory of their data and records, with a retention schedule that enables regulatory compliance and defensible

disposition of records. It enables users to keep deep metadata on their information assets, especially when it comes to privacy and security.

iGMapware supports Madison ARMA workshop on records management, records retention, digital lifecycle, information governance

Patti Morris and Carol Brock will be facilitating the full day workshop, leading participants through four unique sessions on various topics relevant to digital data management and the essential components of robust, compliant and effective digital records and information management.

iGMapware enables privacy and security through the identification of data and records and reduces information risk through regulatory compliance and accurate records retention schedules.

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