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Case Study: Information Technology Team Uses IG Mapware to Smooth the Way for SharePoint

Veresen Inc., Diversified Energy Infrastructure Company.

Business Case: While planning to implement a new SharePoint 2013 document management system, Veresen’s leadership team recognized that it was critical to put an information governance framework in place first.

Key Challenge: One of the classic challenges of implementing any information management system is engaging your business users up front. Yet it’s essential for configuring a system to meet user needs and drive adoption!

Implementation: Veresen’s internal subject matter experts used IG Mapware to identify the records held at their diverse geographic locations and to inventory the records’ privacy and security attributes. In addition, Veresen turned to IG Mapware to put their global retention policy and schedule in place.

Outcomes: With IG Mapware, Veresen was able to use their own terminology to collect inventory data. IG Mapware made it very easy for users to understand their role in building the information governance foundation for SharePoint 2013 with Collabware CLM, an add-on records management program.

The company had the right governance elements and structure in place for the new document management system to be implemented successfully.

Veresen received external validation from the company it hired to integrate SharePoint 2013 with the Collabware CLM add-on. The integrator noted how unusual it was to come into an environment where all the foundational information governance work had already been completed. It made the implementation significantly easier!


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