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iGMapware's software and consulting services for record retention schedules

A Proven Foundation for Smart Information Governance

Defensible Big Bucket Record & Data Retention Schedules

iGMapware will Help You Build an Information Governance & Records Management Program

It's troubling when your organization's information assets are not known or effectively managed.

We help organizations identify their

data and records as a foundation for compliance, information governance programs and eDiscovery.


iGmapware will Help You Prioritize Your Information Governance & Records Management Program


It’s tough to know where to start. 

iGMapware has helped hundreds of customers get started by identifying their information and privacy risk.


We tailor a solution based on your organization's specific records and retention needs.

We understand how hard it can be

to obtain compliance with the regulatory environment.  

Our consulting and software solutions provide your employees with a simple approach to compliance.


We deliver a retention schedule that is easy to use, accessible and backed by legal research.


iGMapware will Help You Improve Your Information Governance & Records Management Compliance
Build Your Infor Gov Program
Records retention schedules that reduce information and data risk

IGMapware is a SaaS application for records management and data mapping. It allows you to identify what information your organization generates and where it is maintained in order to assess the associated risk and obligation, identify privacy data, demonstrate compliance to regulators and respond to regulations, audits and litigation incidents. 

The iGMapware software solution is an affordable, comprehensive, easy-to-use database that offers multiple views of all your information assets (electronic documents, e-mails, hard copies, information at third parties) in one place so you can quickly identify the value, risks, privacy, security, and retention associated with it.


As a cloud-based service, iGMapware is scaled to your unique needs easily without internal technical support, making it a smart foundation for your information governance program. iGMapware will customize our consulting services and software to support your organization’s needs:


Our clients are typically from highly regulated industries such as healthcare, oil and gas, financial, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, government and more. In addition, we offer consulting services for records retention schedule creation and compliance.

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The importance of records management explained by 
a queen and some dragons.
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What our clients say about our software, consulting and partnering solutions for information governance:


iGMapware makes it so much easier for us to meet our compliance needs.

"With iGMapware we have one database about all of our information assets.


This makes it much easier for us to meet our compliance needs. 

iGMapware is particularly helpful when we do new acquisitions and mergers."

Records and Information Management
International Financial Services Company


I know I can always rely on the iGMapware team.

"I can always rely on the iGMapware team to help with our records management challenges. 

Whether it’s updating our retention schedule, interpreting citations, or creating policies they always go above and beyond.


They seamlessly augment our Team, allowing our small staff to manage a world-class program."

Martha Maloney
Director of Procurement and Administrative Services, Tallgrass Energy


iGMapware improves the quality of our implementations.


"At KeenIM, we provide comprehensive content management solutions.


Using iGMapware really shortens our deployment time by providing an information inventory along with defined retention rules.


This improves the quality of our implementation and saves our clients considerable time and money."


Michael Elkins

President, KeenIM

Software / Consulting / Partnering
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