• Mapping Information for Governance
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IG Mapware makes it easy for stakeholders across your organization to get involved, strengthening your information governance initiatives.

Here are some of the benefits to your stakeholders:

Stakeholder Benefits


  • IG Mapware gives leaders a big picture view of their group’s information, so they can help ensure their employees keep compliant.

Security and Privacy

  • IG Mapware serves as an assessment tool. It gives your security and privacy teams the essential data points they need to reduce the total footprint of high-risk information.

Internal Audit

  • IG Mapware gives your internal audit team a baseline for auditing information compliance.
  • It also helps the team quickly identify where the risks are, so they can remediate them and continually make improvements.


  • Because IG Mapware can be configured to “target views” (only showing employees what they need to know), it makes much better use of employees’ time. They can quickly get the answers they need.
  • Your employees can feel confident in their decisions about what information assets to get rid of and what to keep.

Records Management

  • Your records managers have an evergreen database that can be kept up-to-date with minimal staff resources.
  • IG Mapware gives your records management team one, centralized database that captures all the information needed to comply with privacy, security, and retention requirements.
  • IG Mapware’s ease of access and use helps drive consistent retention practices across the enterprise.

Information Technology

  • IG Mapware doesn’t require internal technical support.
  • With IG Mapware, your IT team knows the correct retention periods for electronically stored information (ESI). They can work more effectively with the business to manage ESI.
  • IT can identify which departments are maintaining records in email and take action to remediate.
  • IG Mapware offers the foundational components to successfully roll out a content or document management system.

Legal and Compliance

  • Your legal and compliance teams instantly know where records are located to meet regulatory needs. They also can see where there may be gaps.
  • IG Mapware offers an efficient, time-saving starting point for eDiscovery, including records at third parties
  • Employees who need to know where the most recent contracts and supporting documentation are located have that information. This helps ensure they’re using the most current and complete records.

Governance Team

IG Mapware provides your organization’s information governance team with the insights they need to identify risks and areas for improvement, determine priorities, and set policy.

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