• Mapping Information for Governance
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A Comprehensive Solution

  • Single, authoritative source about all your information assets, from electronic documents, to emails, to hard copies
  • Single view of information held by all your departments, minimizing department silos and dark data risks
  • Integrated view of information held by third parties, such as your benefits service providers
  • Instant snapshot of your information compliance, including privacy, security and business retention attributes

A Practical Solution

  • Simple, cloud-based tool requiring no internal technical support
  • Easy to set up and update
  • Quick, permission-based views, so users only see information relevant to their responsibilities (saving them time)
  • Powerful features, such as workflow and detailed audit trails
  • A variety of stakeholder benefits, improving buy-in and engagement
  • Sustainable and evergreen

A Flexible Solution

  • Highly configurable to your organization and your objectives