• Mapping Information for Governance
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Software Design Strengths

Cloud-Based Software
There is no hardware installation or on-site maintenance required, saving you time and money. You can deploy IG Mapware immediately.
Zero Footprint for IT
IG Mapware can be easily configured and scaled to your organization’s needs without requiring internal technical support. (Seriously!)
Simple, Role-Based Views
To help your employees be as efficient as possible, they only see the data they need. (No wasting time with unnecessary information!)
User-Friendly Interface
IG Mapware has an intuitive, simple-to-use interface. It’s easy to learn in under an hour.

Core Features

Comprehensive Inventory
The inventory is the central component of IG Mapware. Typically,designated employees from each department populate it to create a knowledgebase for true information management.

Numerous data fields give you in-depth knowledge about the electronic and hard copy assets you have internally and at third parties.

Dynamic Retention Rules
This module is designed for “big bucket” retention rules that will simplify and standardize retention across your organization.

When changes to retention periods are approved they dynamically change the retention periods to the information inventory and data map.

Record and Data Mapping
This module lets you associate each category of information in your inventory to a retention rule. It gives you the flexibility to make changes to one rule without impacting the whole schedule.

Here you’ll also find workflow capabilities that make it easy to see where you have gaps between operational needs and your official retention rules.

Workflow and Audit Trail
When you turn on workflow, IG Mapware automatically tracks all changes made: from updates to your inventory, to mapping of rules to records, to the deletion of records and retention rules.

This extensive audit trail lets you track changes to your information inventory and retention rules.

Searchable Knowledgebase
Using IG Mapware’s built-in search, any employee can view the inventory of information assets and learn which retention, privacy, and security parameters apply.

This knowledgebase can streamline the time and energy spent looking for information, whether by employees, outside counsel or other third parties.

Library of Baseline Records
Created by our information governance experts, this extensive library contains the records that most businesses are likely to have.

Baseline records are a quick and efficient way to build your database, identify inventory gaps and reduce duplicate records.

Key Capabilities

Configurable Views
We have many pre-built data views. You can quickly select a view and then filter it by all or selected departments.

This knowledgebase can streamline the time and energy spent looking for information, whether by employees, outside counsel or other third parties.

Flexible Data Indexing
IG Mapware includes configurable tables and rich data indexing. During initial setup, you can collect just a few fields in your inventory and add more later based on your objectives.
CSV Downloads
Want to be able to slice and dice your data in new ways? With our CSV downloads, you can choose from pre-built reports and easily import them into Excel or another database.
Organizational Structure Changes
IG Mapware makes it easy to move some or all of a department’s inventory to another or a new department in your organizational structure.

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