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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about IG Mapware.

How do you charge for IG Mapware?

IG Mapware is a subscription-based service. Please refer to our Pricing page for details on how your subscription works.

Is IG Mapware affordable?

Yes, our software is very affordable. Plus, unlike many other software solutions, there is no limit on the number of users. Let us create a custom quote for you.

What types of businesses implement and use IG Mapware?

Our clients range in size from global, Fortune 500 companies to public agencies with 200 employees.

Despite the differences in size, our clients share a common vision. They want to create an information governance and records management practice that is data-driven and pragmatic.

IG Mapware empowers our clients to easily collect, maintain and mine data about their information assets, so they can get the insights they need to be effective.

Can I implement IG Mapware in stages?

Yes, you can implement IG Mapware at your own pace.

For example, you can use IG Mapware to initially collect a few fields of data.  Then, over time, you can collect additional data points to provide deeper insight and analysis.

Or, you can start with a more comprehensive approach.

It’s entirely up to you. IG Mapware is easy to implement and modify.

How easy is it to keep my IG Mapware database up-to-date?

The IG Mapware database is designed to make it easy to keep your data evergreen. The same features that make it easy for your users to populate your inventory make it easy for them to provide updates.

Our clients in highly regulated industries often elect to update their information inventory incrementally and in real time. Clients with less regulatory burden often follow a quarterly, semi-annual or even annual update process.

Regardless of which frequency makes sense for your organization, if you’ve set up IG Mapware’s workflow, the software will capture every change and route it for review. Because IG Mapware is tracking each activity and approval along the way, you’re always in the know.

What kind of staff resources do I need to keep my IG Mapware database up-to-date?

Very few.

You will need to assign an internal IG Mapware administrator.

After the initial setup, this person’s time commitment is typically several hours per month. It depends on the:

Size of your organization

IG Mapware features you’re using

Total number of IG Mapware users who have been designated to participate in your inventory and approval processes

Your business users and IT system owners also will need to provide a little time — typically, a few hours a month. It depends on how frequently they’ll update your IG Mapware database.

We can help you project your administrative needs, so you’re setting your team and organization up for success.

If you don’t have the internal resources, request a quote to have IG Mapware assume the administrative responsibility for you.

Does IG Mapware store and manage documents?

No, documents are not stored or managed in IG Mapware. It’s a database that holds key data about your information assets — what they are, where they are, who owns them, the retention rules that apply, etc. — all in one place.

How do organizations use the workflow feature?    

Workflow is an optional feature that’s included with our software. Many of our clients find that it’s very helpful for compliance, audit and legal purposes.

Typically, the organizations that turn on workflow are interested in the following outcomes:

  • They want to have controls in place to validate the inventory data submitted by each department as a separate step.
  • They want to be able to track inventory and retention rule changes and approvals over time.

Does IG Mapware have content management or document management capabilities?

IG Mapware contains data about information. It gives you an interface to analyze and map your information inventory. It does not hold the records, documents or emails themselves.

IG Mapware is a database that tracks information about each category of records and data that is maintained in the organization. It also tracks information maintained on behalf of your organization by third parties.

We have clients who’ve found that IG Mapware is a great first step for implementing a document management system, such as SharePoint. Read a related case study.

What are “baseline records,” and how are they used?

Our records management experts have distilled their decades of industry and public sector experience into a library of baseline records. This baseline library is an authoritative list of the types of records most organizations should hold. It serves as a benchmark and starting point for building your organization-specific inventory.

When clients use our Baseline Records Library to build their inventory, they achieve a more consistent and comprehensive database more quickly.

Baseline records offer many management insights. For example, they allow you to perform a gap analysis to determine:

  • What types of records were not identified during your inventory
  • Where duplicate copies exist
  • Where there are naming inconsistencies in record types
  • Where you have inconsistencies in your information security and privacy practices

What’s the difference between your information inventory and a data map?

Our information inventory is comprehensive. The interface allows users to filter or view the database in multiple ways — as a traditional records inventory or as a data map by department, system/location, privacy requirement, information security level, custodian, retention rule and other dimensions.

With IG Mapware, you get a holistic picture of your information landscape, from electronic information to hard copies. It doesn’t matter whether they’re stored in proprietary locations or in third party facilities or services.

With its integrated inventory, IG Mapware eliminates the challenges of “siloed” and fragmented data maps, records inventories, privacy databases and more.

Why does IG Mapware have configurable tables?

In our experience, most organizations want to tailor which data they collect. Given this need, we’ve designed IG Mapware with configurable tables.

In addition to IG Mapware software, what other services are available to me?

Please refer to our Services page for a range of options.

Can you tell me about the IG Mapware technology?

IG Mapware is a cloud-based software solution. It’s affordable, flexible, secure and scalable. It requires no installation or on-site maintenance. Software updates are immediately available upon release.

Our patented software is highly configurable. You can deploy IG Mapware without technical support from IT and have your users up and running in a matter of days.

How do I know that IG Mapware is secure in the cloud?

IG Mapware is hosted at a SSAE 16 and SOC compliant hosting location. The system is backed up daily at a site located more than 1,000 miles from the hosting location.