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Discover how Queen Gwendolyn created a map of her Information Kingdom and tamed its dragons.

You can’t govern your information
unless you know what you have and where it is.

It’s time to get those answers.

IG Mapware is cloud-based software for information governance. It offers multiple views of all your information assets in one place, so you can quickly get the insights you need.

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Govern Your Information With Confidence.

Designed by industry experts, IG Mapware is a comprehensive, easy-to-use database for information asset inventory and data mapping.

Every day, your information stores grow more complex and challenging. IG Mapware allows you to quickly identify the value and risks associated with your information assets. IG Mapware, a smarter foundation for information governance.

Affordable and low risk
No technical support required (seriously)
Easy data collection: security, privacy, location, retention and much more
Comprehensive (no data silos)
Evergreen and sustainable

A Smarter Foundation for Information Governance.  No Rocket Science Required!

Keeping track of all your information is challenging.
With IG Mapware, it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s face it, there are many ways you can go awry when keeping track of your information assets:

  • Departmental silos
  • Fragmented, overlapping and redundant pockets of information
  • Limited ability to tailor a solution to your organization
  • Too much commitment needed from your overtaxed IT team
  •  It’s a chore to keep the data up to date

When creating IG Mapware, we knew there had to be a smarter way! That’s why we intentionally developed our software to be comprehensive, practical and flexible. And it’s why we continue to refine IG Mapware based on feedback from our user community.

Our goal is to set you up for long-term success across your records management, information compliance, data mapping, privacy, security, eDiscovery and related initiatives.

Information Governance software

Discover all that IG Mapware can do for your organization.

Insights You Can Gain From Our Information Governance Software.

IG Mapware can deliver answers to the following types of questions in just a few clicks.

  • Which information qualifies as records?
  • Where are our records located?
  • How much duplication do we have?
  • Do we know who’s responsible for the official, most complete version of each record?
  • Is the paper or electronic form of the record considered official?


  • Who is responsible for maintaining high-value or high-risk information?
  • How long does the business need to keep specific information?
  • Where do we need to re-enforce consistent retention practices?

Data Map

  • What repositories of electronically stored information (ESI) do we have?
  • Where are our ESI repositories?
  • Who are the custodians / accountable business units for or ESI?

Third Parties

  • Which of our information assets are managed by third parties?
  • Do our contracts cover third party responsibilities for the accessibility and security of our information?
  • Are departments using third party, cloud-based services to store company information?
  • Do those third party services contain our records?

Confidential Information

  • Where do we store our confidential and proprietary information?
  • Which of our information assets are subject to privacy laws?
  • Can employees identify and protect confidential information that’s in their custody?

Responsive Information

  • Where is information that’s been identified as potentially relevant to eDiscovery?
  • Where is information needed to respond to regulatory requests?
  • How can we meet FOIA and open record requests in a timely and comprehensive manner?

How Can We Help You And Your Organization?

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